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Welcome to Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy

A quick tour of the new Arena Joondalup Physio clinic at HBF Arena.


Shoulder Pain Explained

What is shoulder pain? What isn’t shoulder pain? Can Physio help it? Gavin Kerruish from Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy answers some questions on shoulder pain.


Why you get Shoulder Pain

Gavin Kerruish from Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy explains the biomechanics of the shoulder, why you get shoulder pain, and the important points that underpin shoulder rehabilitation.


Posterior Instability of the Shoulder

There is increasing evidence that posterior instability of the shoulder is much more prevelant than previously thought. A good assessment and diagnosis is imperative to ensure correct and effective rehabilitation is provided. Standard shoulder instability exercises may actually lead to more pain and a worsening of the condition. Check out this video for more information.


McConnells taping by Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy

McConnells taping is often used for kneecap (patello-femoral) pain. Have a look at this video to see a demonstration of how to do a ‘split’ version of this effective taping.


Shockwave Therapy at Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy

Chronic Plantar Fasciitis?? Patella Tendonitis?? How about Shockwave Therapy…..sounds a bit scary…..check out exactly what it is here….


Hamstring Injuries

A great description of hamstring injuries and a few exercises to get you back to activity stronger and less likely to re-injure, presented by Rhys Murray from Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy.


Ankle Injuries

Regain your balance – decrease the chances of re-injury. What you have to do, from Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy


ASO Ankle Brace